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screen_shot_2016-03-25_at_12-50-45_pm.jpgi have already been a member of frequent Kos for a while but I comment seldom. But when I came across the movie that I uploaded under, i simply understood that I had to share it with individuals. On March 18, 2016 a man called Johnell Muhammad had been questioned by authorities for maybe not paying their subway fare. The cops declare that he assaulted all of them and the need to discover a way to safely simply take him into custody, Muhammad had been escorted from the place, placed face first on the ground, had their arms and foot bound and ended up being placed face down inside a big ‘body’ bag to further subdue him. In accordance with the police, Muhammad’s feet and hands being bound are not enough to prevent him from harming himself or some other person. I have been contemplating this movie since I have first saw it on Sunday and I only don’t know how maybe not paying a $2.75 subway fare escalated to this point.

The Gothamist did some follow through with this case and based on a medical center worker which was interviewed, the EDP, or Emotionally Disturbed people bags which was utilized here are utilized quite frequently under particular conditions. But a medical facility staff member advertised to have never ever seen a person’s entire mind be placed in the case like exactly what took place to Muhammad.

If you are wondering exactly what occurred to Muhammad, he was held in bag for 20 mins while looking forward to an ambulance and taken up to a hospital and then from the medical center, Muhammad had been taken fully to the Manhattan Detention elaborate and scheduled on numerous costs.

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