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“Twylon” may seem like a made-up word, like “gazillion” or “whatchutalkinboutwillis“, but it is in reality an actual material, and it also joins Nappa leather-based to make up the Boa drive bag for iPad.

This iPad case from Booq deserves a mention if you are both small and minimal and at once carrying the majority of what a guy may need. The primary area is obviously iPad-sized, and there is a full-width pocket at the back. From the front side is an external patch-pocket for the iPhone or MiFi, based how you swing, and inside you will find nooks and crannies for pens, credit-cards, a wallet (or a checkbook, for the more retro-minded of you).

A press-stud keeps the flap sealed, while the entire thing dangles from a seatbelt-webbing band, the absolute most comfortable band material available. As well as $90, it’s not in excess of a straightforward iPad situation or slip-cover. Available in gray or sand colors, to praise your metropolitan clothes.

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