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What do you carry in your purse?

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I recently read a blog post by Everett Bogue labeled as Simple tips to stay with 50 Things. Its a great piece about severe minimalism. I am not enthusiastic about only possessing 50 things (yet), but it made me think, at the minimum, i ought to be holding less within my bag. Once I thought about the fact some females carry more within their bag, than some minimalists own, i came across certainly one of my littlest purses and reached work downsizing.

The message from Everett’s post that really made myself think about how great it could be to hold less had been, “if you have 50 things there is no way to get rid of things. I’m convinced that as we pass 150 things our minds can't identify the actual location of most our specific belongings.” If you’ve previously lost your cell phone, elevate your hand. Think about a pen? company cards? Lipstick? Today, how many times had been those things really within black-hole of a purse the whole time you thought they were lost?

There's a genuine Flickr Group focused on images of purse contents plus it’s maybe not quite! Purses increase and larger so we constantly fill all of them toward brim. The size of your bag appears to determine the amount of material you feel compelled to carry around. For me, it’s not really one thing i really do on purpose. I could carry a more substantial purse with only several products, and before you know it, the kitchen sink is in my purse. Whenever I are also hectic to imagine straight, my purse is typically a hot mess. It’s a sign!

I understand circumstances differ based your job or exactly how many young ones you've got, or if you tend to be traveling, but you will find great advantageous assets to carrying less.

  1. An inferior bag with fewer contents will not physically weigh you down.
  2. Holding less implies less to lose by theft, or unintentionally making your bag at the rear of.
  3. You don’t have to look for your car or truck keys in a little purse.
  4. In case your cell phone is ringing, from your purse, it is possible to switch it down or respond to the decision with less distraction.
  5. You are going to feel lighter whenever you maybe not responsible for carrying around everything that you would imagine you may want.

Last week, I challenged myself to simply carry 10 products in my purse and I never missed a thing. Here are the 10 items which we carried this week and I could easily drop things 4, 5, 7 & 8. They've been an extravagance!

  1. Company card owner with business cards
  2. Business card holder with driver’s permit, insurance card, debit card, money
  3. Lipstick
  4. Lipstick Brush
  5. Lip Gloss
  6. Pen
  7. Eye Brightener
  8. Beverage Bag
  9. Cell Phone
  10. Vehicle Key

It all returns to experience as you have enough. When you begin to trust you have got enough and therefore you might be sufficient, you'll lighten and let go of the material.

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