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The Innovation Series : 1 – system BagsICRC’s Innovation Initiative has actually supported the launch of a few revolutionary pilots which can be currently being tested by ICRC and its particular lovers. Over the course of the second months the GPHI2 weblog will likely be exhibiting a new innovate task every week. We start-off the series with a project brief on continuous attempts to develop an even more effective body case

The ICRC’s Forensic Unit provides guidance, support and training to neighborhood authorities and forensic professionals in seeking, recuperating, examining, distinguishing, and managing large numbers of unidentified stays in varying says of preservation. In framework of humanitarian forensic action, the ICRC features repeatedly already been confronted to the challenge of storing continues to be appropriately. Present human anatomy bags have actually built-in limitations like the reasonably quick decomposition price of dead figures kept in unrefrigerated conditions, which may impact their successful identification.

Being facilitate and increase the upshot of recovery and analysis associated with the lifeless in humanitarian settings, the ICRC has expressed the requirement to develop a new sort of human anatomy case which allows for improved preservation of the lifeless, at equally affordable prices into the human anatomy bags currently used. To produce this concept a reality, the ICRC has partnered aided by the Port relationship, just who organised a humanitarian, technology associated hackathon hosted by CERN

The Pilot

In November 2014, THE Port organised a hackathon at CERN, a conference where chosen people combine research and technology to produce answers to pressing humanitarian difficulties. This hackathon introduced collectively a multidisciplinary staff just who created a preliminary prototype for a generation body bag. The prototype found high interest and good feedback from the ICRC’s Forensics Unit ultimately causing the search for development of an improved model and work towards its professional production. The novelty for the bag is always to delay decomposition. Initial testing on animal carcasses has been encouraging and next thing is to test this new generation body case in the field.

Combining causes with all the Port association enables each entity to have a definite part within pilot. Even though the Ports Pier 56 Body Bag staff is mainly in charge of development and production of the model, the Forensic Unit associated with ICRC is mainly in charge of the examination and analysis for the human body bags.

The Bigger Picture

The possibility emanating through the development and manufacturing of the brand new generation body bag is threefold:

  • Improve conservation price of deceased and positively impact humanitarian forensic efforts in armed dispute, catastrophes and migration by protecting the dignity of the dead sufferers through aiding the entire process of adequate maneuvering, documents, and identification.
  • Potentially supply closure to a lot more families and buddies for the missing.
  • Develop a human anatomy case which can be used beyond the ICRC and its partners and become a regular item when you look at the correct management of the lifeless internationally, whichever the framework.


  • 55 000 human body bags/year bought by ICRC
  • $15 is the existing cost per body bag
  • With standard human body bags in cozy climates the decomposition means of bodies stored in standard human body bags is accelerated affecting within hours the managing, documents and identification associated with dead.

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