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GRANDOTTO clutch with spikesChristian Louboutin’s Spring-Summer 2016 handbag collection starts as a diary entry to their first love: the showgirl.

Forever a motivation to Louboutin’s work, the story transports united states to a world he very first discovered as a guy when you look at the cabarets of Paris. Mesmerized by the lights, the sounds, while the choreography, he fell so in love with the dancers—to him, “birds of paradise.”

He began utilizing the fundamentals—a showgirl’s feet. He imagined them in high-heeled Christian Louboutin footwear, which inspired the curvaceous line of Paloma’s nude calfskin manages that disappear seamlessly into the bag.TRILOUBI crossbody in gold He recalled the cheeky salute of dancers through movie theater house curtain, a hallmark associated with the overall performance heightened because of the rhythmic veiling and unveiling for the performers’ systems.

In one last unprecedented few brand new silhouettes and an important improvement to Louboutin’s most liked types, every element of the design and building are carefully considered, and meticulously accounted for.

This consists of the custom development of all-natural leathers, carefully chosen hardware elements and charming, unexpected details, all driven by a mix of design and purpose

The collection also delivers a whole new cast of leading ladies, like the Vanity clutch—structured, modern-day and stylish, it is spacious enough to transition quickly from time to evening.

CHRISTIAN Louboutin Paloma BallerinaTriloubi, a flexible, compact crossbody or neck bag, is ideal for the Parisian (or Parisian-at-heart) girl away from home.

Piloutin, the most whimsical brand new design, conjures the tale of Cinderella therefore the cup slipper, from pillow to bag.

A Louboutin specialty, Sweet Charity, also returns with a luxe brand-new building, clean, modern form and rich details, including hand-stitching, a whimsical interior allure and an edgy hand-spiked and chain steel bow.

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