Beautiful Purse

Bella-Thorne-Saint-Laurent-Sac-de-Jour-Bag1 / 8

Bella Thorne
Saint-laurent Sac de Jour Bag
$2, 790 via Bergdorf Goodman

Listed here is Bella Thorne, leaving a gathering in Hollywood which she ended up being maybe softly, artfully mauled by a tiger. Bella is carrying a beautiful croc-embossed version of the Saint-Laurent Sac de Jour. Celebs have really slowed their roll because of the Sacs within the last month or two, but this version reminds myself what's good concerning the bag.

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Chiara Ferragni
Fendi Micro Monster Baguette
, 550 via Saks

Chiara-Ferragni-Fendi-Micro-Monster-Baguette-bagFashion blogger/shoe designer Chiara Ferragni was recently spotted shopping on Melrose with a petite Fendi Micro Monster Baguette. It's just the sort of quirky thing you should set with overalls and a light sweater.

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Chanel Flap Bag

Ciara is unexpectedly back the spotlight this kind of a huge method, and she has great design, therefore I wont inquire. Here she's having meal at Barneys in NY with an attractive brown Chanel Flap Bag with diagonal quilting. Maybe you can reinvent the wheel.

4 / 8

Emma Roberts
Anya Hindmarch Smiley Backpack
, 450 via Barneys

Ciara-Chanel-Flap-BagEmma Roberts transported this fetching brown leather-based Anya Hindmarch Smiley Backpack at JFK recently. Emma is an enormous fan of the design; she additionally owns a red variation with eyes. Obviously, Anya Hindmarch backpacks were in addition a well known option at Coachella.

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Jessica Chastain
Givenchy Weekender Bag
$2, 290 via MR PORTER

Jessica Chastain seemed particularly ready when it comes to week-end as she left the woman NYC hotel with a magnificent black leather-based Givenchy bag, stuffed on gills. Just take us to you, Jessica.

Emma-Roberts-Anya-Hindmarch-Smiley-Backpack 7 / 8

Poppy Delevingne
Chloé Drew Bag
, 950 via mytheresa.com

Brit It woman Poppy Delevigne had been seen on an outing in NYC on her behalf birthday celebration. She actually is holding a bi-color Chloé Drew Bag, which (quite mysteriously) does not really soften the woman overall look that much, or allow it to be look overly feminine. Noted.

8 / 8

Solange Knowles
Marni Pod Bag
$1, 590 via farfetch.com

Finally, here is a go of Solange Knowles along with her husband arriving at JFK to head back home following the Met Gala. Solange is holding a color-blocked Marni Pod Bag, which will most likely stay a bit more comfortably on her arm if it just weren't loaded for travel.

Jessica-Chastain-Givenchy-Lucrezia-Weekender Poppy-Delevingne-Chloe-Drew-Bag

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