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Toile-De-VersaillesThis is yet another "Lisa attempts to answer one your "Bag Making Queries" posts. I'll keep close track of that post to see your queries and attempt to respond to some perhaps a couple of times a week (according to just how my rabid inbox is wanting...).

**Find component 1 (Sewing Terms) Bag Making for Newbies here**

We have been sooo fortunate regarding materials, we're so spoilt for choice it aint real! From cool imprinted quilt cottons, to sweet Japanese linens, from vintage table cloths to second-hand jumpers, at home decor weights to delicate silks etc. The groovy thing about bag making is we could utilize nearly any textile we fancy providing we use the appropriate interfacing (stabiliser - more about that in a few minutes) thereby applying several construction principles and strategies.

Just what when you look at the blazes is interfacing (stabiliser) and why do I need it?

I acknowledge interfacing isn't much to check out (skeletons are not both, but where would we be without them?) Interfacing provides framework, without one (many) bags only will not look or work great. Interfacing provides the flexibility to utilize many any material we want inside our bags. It supports and strengthens material and it will also make material stand-up rigid and right (perfect for when we desire our bags to stand up by themselves). You'll soon realize that effective case making is quite determined by picking the appropriate interfacing for fabric that you want to use. We have written a fuller guide to interfacing which I wish you'll think is useful. Do have a read from it (only if) as it took me an aaaage to write.

Whilst there is not actually a right or wrong chosen fabric for a case; as a beginner you are going to undoubtedly make life much easier if you stay glued to several common feeling material choices for different sorts of bags (as you have more experienced you can then hang out using the bad girls and break bag making rules - all-in good-time!)

Bag making fabric and interfacing combo suggestions

Here are a few textile and interfacing ideas for different sorts of bags. As you be a little more experienced and at ease simple tips to combine material using proper interfacing you'll go wild and choose a complete gamut of various other textiles aside from the ones i've suggested right here.

Swing insp Birdie Messenger happy musical organization bag

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