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Different Types of Purses

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Barenia All-natural

Initially utilized for Hermès saddles, Barenia is a smooth calfskin which resistant to both scratches and rain.

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Box Calf

Box calf is smooth and glossy, and even though it's at risk of scratches, they could be buffed into the fabric's texture with time. Frequently present in classic bags and natural colors, but nevertheless definitely created these days. Keep it in the home on rainy days.

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A pebbled, smooth, water-resistant leather-based produced from the hides of liquid buffalo. Dye has a tendency to gather during the center regarding the pebbles, often leading to a spotted appearance.

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A matte equivalent to box-calf that doesn't scrape quickly. It isn't, but waterproof.

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Chevre de Coromandel

Hermes-Box-Calf-Leather-Closeup-SwatchSoft, lightweight, scratch-resistant, long-lasting goat leather.

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Chevre Mysore

Just like Chevre de Coromandel, however with an inferior, more noticeable grained texture.

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Clemence, one of Hermès's best leathers, is made of the hides of infant bulls. It is matte, flat-grained, soft and hefty, which provides usually structured bags a slouchier, much more everyday appearance. Resistant to scratches, but may blister whenever exposed to rainfall.

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Doblis Suede

Old-fashioned suede; scratches are buffed completely, nonetheless it ought to be kept from dampness.

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Popular stamped-grain fabric this is certainly lightweight, durable and simply maintained. Not particularly soft.

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Comparable in features and behavior to box-calf, but gentler to the touch.

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a form of Evercalf with a finely grained stamped surface. Soft to the touch, and scratches can be rubbed away.

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Soft, heavy, flat-grained matte cowhide which will be very durable, scratch-resistant and water-resistant. From a distance, the leather frequently looks like it has straight veins running through it.

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Lizard is an exotic leather-based created from the hides of African water monitors. The brand's many fine leather and vulnerable to blow drying if you don't taken care of correctly. The scales total up to a glossy finish; due to the measurements of the pets, lizard is most often found in accessories and smaller bags.

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Matte Alligator

Fragile and extremely costly. Hermès uses alligators farmed in Florida, and a matte case frequently costs a little more than a shiny one, although alligator frequently costs significantly less than crocodile total. Should always be kept away from water.

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Vibrant (Lisse) Alligator

Delicate, but a shiny finish on tiny alligator machines can help disguise imperfections. Alligator is aesthetically distinguishable from crocodile as it does not have the dot-sized "pores" that level every crocodile scale. Should always be kept from liquid.

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Matte Niloticus Crocodile

Niloticus crocodiles come from the Nile area of Zimbabwe. Much like other exotics, matte Nilo is much more high priced than its shiny counterpart. Less expensive than Porosus Crocodile. Generally speaking, crocodile is significantly durable, nonetheless it should always be held far from water to avoid water spots which do not fade.

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Shiny Niloticus Crocodile

The glossier version of matte nilo. Must certanly be kept away from water.

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Matte Porosus Crocodile

Sourced from crocodiles farmed in Australia. Matte is much more high priced than shiny, and Porosus is typically more expensive than Nilo, making Matte Porosus Croc Hermès's most high-priced fabric. Should-be kept from water to stop non-fading water marks.

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Vibrant Porosus Crocodile

The glossier, a little more affordable equivalent to Matte Porosus. Should-be held away from liquid.

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Ostrich leather-based is the most durable exotic Hermès uses and is waterproof, but will darken with time with exposure to skin natural oils.

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Extremely smooth and buttery; much like Swift fabric, but thinner and lighter. At risk of scratches.

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Hermes-Clemence-Leather-Closeup-Swatch Hermes-Doblis-Suede-Closeup-Swatch Hermes-Epsom-Leather-Closeup-Swatch Hermes-Evercalf-Leather-Closeup-Swatch

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