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What-is-it with Russian men as well as the man-purse?






Photo by Evy Hua

A little little thing continuously catches my interest on Russian guys – the mini case. It is a little thing, which range from just-big-enough-to-squeeze-a-wallet-in, to maybe-an-iPad-could-fit-in sizes. A pal of mine calls it merely “the fag bag.” And seriously, this style cannot possibly look good, we cannot imagine an easy method a man (or lady!!) will make this typical man-bag socially appropriate or bearable. This, however, does not end the Russian man from attempting. Some attempt to combine this extraordinary bit of bad flavor with an attractive unbuttoned cool top and matching beer (vodka) belly, other people with cheesy sleazy light suit and footwear. There are lots of kinds a guy bag can take: They generally are square, occasionally rectangular; occasionally it offers a lengthy band or it's a little handle, has actually a buckle or a zipper. We also spotted a guy with a miniature briefcase, perhaps trying to do the businessman style, but couldn’t rather afford the matching real-size case. Now, an individual will state that worldwide this occurrence of men with bags does occur, but why does it appear so predominant in Russia?

Exactly what do guys have included? This will be a well-kept key, in the same way the contents of the female bag tend to be said to be. For most guys (that I'm sure from western countries about) this content of a female bag is a taboo and never to be recognized, moved or interfered with. Towards the credit of Russian guys, these are generally brave adequate to set foot (hand) ahead, in a territory so unidentified for some men it is admirable – the female purse. On numerous events I noticed partners in shopping malls or on street, walking alongside both plus the man (!!!) with all the girl’s handbag on his shoulder or arm, holding it with self-confident no signs and symptoms of pity. The complete photo raises two concerns: nr. 1. Which woman isn't mounted on the woman bag as part of the woman limbs and nr. 2. tend to be Russian men (once we understand all of them) truly therefore self-confident to be noticed in public areas with an excellent fancy sparkle case?

Description of this average man-bag:

  • Usually rectangular brown or black colored
  • From bigger wallet to iPad size
  • Generally lengthy band (is used casually over man’s neck)
  • Other types have actually a little handle (it’s obviously the true borsetka as I have already been informed)
  • Decreases its owner’s attractiveness as a person dramatically within my brain

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