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Of Murse and Men: a review of the Saddleback Timeless Briefcase for Trial Lawyers

Well, At long last bit the bullet and got one a few months ago. Listed here are my musings, followed by initial YouTube video I’ve ever before done for Philly Law weblog.

Why Saddleback: I am vicious on every thing we possess, matches, connections, electronics, you name it. Such a thing we own I will destroy. Briefcases and bags specifically. I found myself purchasing a brand new case every year because my old one had been pummelled so badly so it seemed bad. I wanted a bag that would age really, and that i really could beat up without it searching stupid. I also wished a bag big enough to carry my attorney things if need be, like customer data, etc. I became sick of purchasing brand-new bags, as they are like $70 a bit and don’t look good after 6 months.

And let’s be honest – Saddleback bags look awesome. They combine tough durability and style without even attempting.

Selecting a Size: The method case is simply too little for a trial attorney, I think. We initially purchased the method since I have am about the height of a typical hobbit. But once I got it, I became somewhat disappointed. The proportions appeared off, and it didn’t seem like the major tough case of awesome I was anticipating. My spouse remarked “That’s a great deal happening for a small bag…”

Then, while out at dinner, my friend viewed me personally and said “Dude… nice murse.”

At that point, I understood the method had been going back.

There is also a large useful problem with all the medium briefcase for test lawyers – it's not large enough to match an appropriate sized redwell. It’s barely large enough to carry my 13” MacBook professional, and could not hold my Toshiba Satellite. I finished up returning the medium case and using a sizable. Let me reveal a photo associated with the two bags side-by-side:

SaddlebackBags-640x640If you prefer one thing smaller, I would personally implore you to definitely go with the thin briefcase or a satchel. Leo gets the satchel in chestnut and it seems great. He carries around way less things than i really do:

Colors: I moved with dark coffee-brown. Explanation? it is completely waterproofed, and I want a bag that I’m not merely planning to use for attorney things, but that i'm also able to use once I go walking or vacation. Leo’s chestnut case seems great, though. I’m maybe not an admirer of black colored or light tan bags. Your mileage can vary.


What's promising – it suits under your chair on an airplane. I’ve taken my own on airplane without having any issues, and held it under my chair. I’ve tried it as a travel case, too. It suits just about anything you'll need, but it’s useful adequate to be a day to day carry case.

The bad news – it is quite heavy, particularly when you’re a wussy. Whenever I have it filled up with customer data, a laptop, an iPad, a bottle of alcohol, alongside material, yeah, it’s hefty. It’s a also slightly difficult. You won’t have the ability to use it at your part in tight spaces just like the aisle of an airplane.


My bag initially came with screw on clasps that presented the shoulder-strap on. They came undone at weirdest times. It was a challenge because I fill this case toward brim, and if We fall it, there clearly was a high probability it takes my Macbook professional with-it.

Saddleback had been awesome about replacing the screw clasps with dogleash clasps. They delivered me a self addressed stamped envelope. We mailed the band right back, they apply brand new clasps, now I have a shoulder strap that won’t come-off.

Bottom line:

If you need a huge bag, this will be perfect. It’s stunning, it ages really, and it’s large enough to hold your attorney material while nevertheless being useful. If you like a lighter carry but love the concept of Saddleback, consider getting a satchel or thin briefcase.

Actually, i enjoy this thing. It’s one of the better things We have.

And from now on for the movie!

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