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you'll need a wholesale supplier for your purse and bags company.You will need a wholesale supplier for the purse and bags organization.

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You could begin your very own bag and bags organization as a wholesaler or store. As a wholesaler, you might sell to different retail clothes or shops. You can offer online or through catalogs as a retailer. In any case, could either want to design your very own purses and bags or purchase all of them from a wholesaler or maker. Run your personal bag and bags company how you prefer.

Step 1

Create a name for your bag and bags company. Make an application for a credit card merchant account through you regional lender so you can take credit cards. Make charge cards one of the repayment choices as you could possibly increase sales by 40 percent, based on Creditcardguide.com.


Obtain a supplier's permit obtainable income tax purposes if you should be selling things retail. Obtain a DBA (doing business as) if you are using a fictitious title for your business. Submit an application for the merchant's license and DBA through your regional county or town company.

Step 3

Decide which brands of purses and handbags you wish to offer. Analysis other purse and bag companies to see just what items they are attempting to sell and the costs. Analysis both shopping and wholesale sellers.

Step 4

Find a wholesaler or manufacturer for your handbags if you fail to design all of them your self. Reference the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors at Naw.org. Call the NAW and ask for a summary of potential bag and case wholesale suppliers. Go directly to the Thomasnet.com internet site and look for manufacturer manufacturers.

Step 5

Call wholesalers and makers to discover whether or not they will drop-ship or circulate items available. Make use of a drop-shipping supplier in order to avoid holding large inventories in your home or office environment. Make an effort to restrict your wholesaler or producer supplier to one as this will simplify your ordering process. Choose the wholesaler or manufacturer providing you with you with the lowest unit cost on items.

Step 6

Create a web page obtainable purse and bags company, or employ a web designer to produce one available. Order types of a number of your products or services and simply take pictures of these. Post the images in your web site alongside product descriptions. Use either wholesale or retail costs on the web site, according to whether you're focusing on stores or consumers.

Action 7

Purchase online advertising to attract national customers.

Step 8

Browse stores and wholesalers inside neighborhood. Show the retail or wholesale owner or purchaser products from your own catalog. Try to sell purses and hangbags to these accounts. Give the store or wholesale agent a company card and pamphlet if they're maybe not however prepared to purchase. Offer your purses and bags to as many regional stores and wholesalers as you are able to.

Step 9

Spot classified ads in a variety of shopping and wholesale trade mags, including "Dealerscope, " "Insider" and "shops" mag. Spot classified adverts in several clothing or apparel customer publications if you're retailing purses and bags. Run these ads continuously so long as you tend to be pulling in consumers from their store. Forward a sales letter, pamphlet, price number and purchase kind when people write for more information. Feature your internet site inside classified adverts.

Step 10

Purchase products from your provider whenever customers spot requests during your web site or by mail. Prepare a shipping label using consumers' name and address, after that ship the instructions in shipping containers. Get provider ship services and products towards consumers if they're a drop-shipper. Pay your provider simply the wholesale cost of the products when drop-shipping, and include the shoppers' shipping labels.

Things Needed

  • Wholesale provider
  • Items
  • Merchant account
  • Internet Site
  • Digicam
  • Business cards
  • Catalogs
  • Product sales letters
  • Brochures
  • Cost lists
  • Purchase kinds
  • Shipping labels
  • Shipping containers


  • Keep a database of retail, wholesale or customer customers, based on your target audience. Forward product sales letters and leaflets to consumers monthly or two for more possible instructions. Provide discounts or unique discounts on services.

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