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We’ve been stalking some conversations in tweet world, and realised that lots of crew are struggling to determine which format of bag will suit their particular carry needs.

Therefore we had a quick jam, but develop some core axioms to profile your decision. Have actually a look over, see if you agree, and maybe even bang us a few of the elements that make an impact for you.

We’ll then try to update and revise this puppy once we find out more about what you men price as important factors.

Happy watching!


Carry Optimised: Heavier lots, powerful activities, much longer trips

Message: Backpacks announce that your major need is within carrying. That’s why they could feel funny in a workspace (”how i acquired the following is more crucial that you me than becoming right here”).

Environs: Backpacks thrive in out-of-doors, diverse vacation, & recreations configurations. Hmmm… and schools (which includesn’t actually done much to greatly help the image of backpacks).

Contents: it works very well with diverse items (backpack formats enable better pocketing efficiency). And there’s that heavy loads thing.

Shape: choose a form that resembles most of your contents (squarer for folders & laptop computers, rounder for garments).


Access Optimised: light lots, warmer countries, smaller trips

Message: Messengers say you hop between places, accessing on the road. That’s the reason why they look great on bike couriers & uni students.

Environs: Yep, they are urban resources that never get also remote (it might harm to hold all of them there). They thrive in hot climates (less physical contact).

Items: They’re fairly accomodating, but you’re better with a lot fewer items as organisation can put them out (except that those hideous computer bags that sales dudes take with you). When you have loads, choose a backpack (like many couriers have actually started to).

Shape: get squarer & structured just for work, or softer & broader to appear as you have a life.

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