Find Celtic Sporran

Celtic Sporran

J-EW2-BLACK-CHROME.jpgStill operating from their original premises when you look at the heart of old Edinburgh, William Scott & Sons is commonly recognised as Scotland's esteemed standard sporran maker. William Scott sporrans are made by hand, aided by the third generation of family members now producing the original and revolutionary styles for which the company is well known.

Product Description

This handsome full-dress sporran functions triple chrome-topped tassels hung on straight stores and recreations a chrome cantle with an ordinary mirrored main manager between panels of interlacing with a circular Celtic knot on either side. The sporran opens towards the top and it is secured by a company press-stud behind additionally the pouch is made of black colored leather-based.

This Sporran also includes a free sequence band.

Featuring its top-notch conventional design, this sturdy sporran will be a tough sporting investment, enjoyed for several years to come.
Take note, because normal products are utilized in the crafting with this product, some colours and markings can vary greatly.

This quality dress sporran has-been hand-cut and handcrafted towards greatest Scottish criteria in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital.

Please note that people aren't allowed to send sealskin items to American therefore our United states clients will receive a bovine/equine front sporran.

• Handcrafted in Scotland
• Three chrome ball tassels
• Celtic engraved design
• ideal for any formal Highland ensemble
• made of the finest quality materials

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