Gordon Highlanders, 1966 Edinburgh (1

Sporrans Edinburgh

troops in kiltsA Perth company can make sporrans the regiment

A-row has actually damaged on over a £1.4m agreement to provide 5, 000 sporrans into Royal Regiment of Scotland.

The contract initially decided to go to an English company, although work has now already been subcontracted to a business in Perth.

However, an Edinburgh sporran manufacturer features advertised he had been never ever provided an opportunity to bid and his local MP is phoning for a change into system.

The Army said it had followed European community procurement rules throughout and the agreement had been promoted correctly.

The agreement initially caused controversy when it ended up being granted to Ammo and Co of Birmingham, which only makes the steel fixtures for sporrans.

It offers now sub-contracted the work to Morrison Sporrans.

However, Scott and Sons - which claims becoming the greatest sporran producers on earth - insisted it understood nothing in regards to the contract and ended up being never offered a chance to bid.

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