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Manny Hernandez, Tom Law, Lauren Sassen, Bert Youn

Tote lifetime is the 19th episode of initial period of together with nineteenth episode in general.


When a hipster food store clerk shames the Bears for seeking synthetic food bags, the Bears recognize that eco-friendly tote bags are their particular method of getting acceptance among the progressive people of the Bay region. But in their particular effort to gain appeal, the Bears let the tradition of tote bags take-over their lives.


In the supermarket, the Bears have actually only picked out some groceries. When they visit purchase their things, the cashier starts to get upset they've no re-usable bags. Unacquainted with whatever they had been and asking for a plastic and report bag, the cashier begins to criticize all of them and ultimately ends up pressuring them to purchase some bags. After purchasing all of them, the feeling of the cashier and also the individuals round the Bears modifications instantly, them all inviting them in to the "tote life".

Both start off with one case per bear and just make use of them as essential. Bearing these bags, they notice the citizens around all of them are providing them with unique benefits, from excusing all of them from getting ice-cream in people' hair to going for things 100% free.

Because they're walking along, they wind up unintentionally ripping Ice Bear's bag, and quickly hurry to a tote bag store. Indecisive that case they wished, they just grab-all of these. This quickly becomes an obsession while they begin buying every case they see. It eventually reaches the point where these people were filled with bags, as they circumambulate everywhere with bags piled together with on their own and their cave being almost packed complete with tote bags. It gets so bad that tote bags are littered everywhere inside their location, resulting in the EPA to send someone to their residence to deal with environmentally friendly problem.

After heading around to seek advice from the Bears, she encounters their odd, obsessive behavior. The EPA woman handles to persuade Ice Bear and Grizzly to let get of all of the of their bags, nevertheless Panda refuses, having been able to score some "dates" as a result of all of them. After he operates around in a fit of fury, the Bears must go after him prior to the construction folded. After an explosion of bags bursts out from the door therefore the Bears manage to get all three of on their own safe outside, they question what they would do with all of their bags. They appear with their 1st tote bag, with a photo of a beaver on it. Influenced, they provide almost all their tote bags into the beavers to build a dam with.

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