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14 Cody Burns' Machu Picchu leather-based briefcaseWe at the skill of Manliness love partnering utilizing the Saddleback Leather Company because we’re both enthusiastic comparable material: things that tend to be classic, timeless, made to last, and that can be passed on to a higher generation. Saddleback networks that passion into making rugged, excellent fabric bags, bags that your particular grandchildren will combat over when you’re lifeless. Here are the Art of Manliness we’re dedicated to sharing and dispersing the virtues, abilities, and ways every guy ought to know and which never walk out style.

Therefore we figured it absolutely was time to assemble our passions for eternal and classic things in life.

We’ve had giveaways with Saddleback before, but that is by far our biggest and greatest. We’ve got multiple ways to enter and multiple awards up for grabs.

We’ve touted our new book-The Art of Manliness: Vintage Skills and Manners when it comes to contemporary Man-as an approach to bring your manliness on the run. The guide is full of quick sections of crucial guy knowledge which can be readable in snatches wherever you travel through the day. But it’s pretty uncomfortable to attempt to shove the book inside pocket. What you need is a bag, a bag manly adequate to carry the world’s manliest book. You will need a Saddleback Leather Bag!

Are ready to get your hands on one of these epic leather bags only over time the holidays?

There are two main methods to enter this competition and 3 rewards shared:

Grand prize: restricted Edition Art of Manliness/Saddleback briefcase+3 $25 gift cards towards the Saddleback online store.

How to enter: publish an image of your self in a macho location or doing some thing manly while reading the skill of Manliness: Classic Skills and Manners for contemporary guy.

Second prize: Saddleback laptop case+2 $25 present certificates towards the Saddleback web store.

Tips enter: Leave a remark under this post, join the guy Bag Group locally, or email the competition to a buddy.

Third prize: Saddleback passport wallet+1 $25 gift certificate towards the Saddleback Leather business web store.

Just how to enter: Leave a comment under this post, join the guy Bag Group locally, or e-mail the contest to a pal.

Ready for details? keep reading!

The Grand Reward: A Macho Bag for the Manly Book Photo Contest

The Prize

Saddleback Passport Wallet

Just how to Enter

You have got 3 ways to enter your title in an arbitrary design for a Saddleback new laptop bag and passport wallet:

    Leave an opinion under this post sharingsomething which you think is classic and/or timeless. This is an object or some wisdom or understanding. Join the Art of Manliness Community’s Man Bag Group. So that you can get in on the team, you have to be an associate of the AoM Community. Share this post with your pals making use of the “Email tale to a buddy” option in our “Share” package in the bottom for the post. For each buddy you email this post to, you’ll accept one entry when you look at the contest. This implies the greater pals you share it with, the greater entries you can get. You are able to just deliver 10 at the same time, but go ahead and come-back and send a few more. We can't see your buddies’ mail addresses, so we won’t be delivering them any post at all.

Boost your chances of winning by-doing all three!

How to Win

We’ll randomly choose two entries. 1st entry we draw will get the laptop bag. The next entry we draw will receive the passport wallet.

Saddleback Leather business Briefcase LS-LG-DCB_Front

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