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The creation of The Pocketbook is as a result of Christian Eres (visual fashion designer and illustrator), Cranio DSGN (vector illustrator and graphic fashion designer) and Grace Garcia (item fashion designer, independent illustrator and editor) who're all located in Valencia, Spain.

The Pocketbook is composed of 120 tips gathered from creatives in design globe. Even though it claims ‘a successful visual designer, ’ the ideas within the book can be applied no matter what your speciality. You just need to select which pertains to you. It offers inspirational estimates from creatives all tied up along with elegant design elements.

The guide goes through a trip of four areas: private development; Working Smart; Self-Promo; and dealing with Clients. Every page is oozing with useful knowledge and information for manufacturers; along with stunning pictures on a couple of. Undoubtedly well worth a full browse!

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