What s in your handbag cover

Whats in your handbag

mVb2XLJUf4fjg1ovUZ9jN8ny.jpeg:Amazon:photoA lady’s purse is her sanctuary. It’s a spot in which most of her knickknacks and everyday deeds tend to be saved from the globe. Of course you ask me, the items of one’s bag can tell you plenty about its owner. Since I’ve had many people request a What’s within my Bag? blog I’ve chose to finally drive out the crumpled receipts, stow away the extra change, and explain to you dudes what’s in fact in my bag:

  1. Almonds. To prevent an incident associated with the hangries.
  2. Concealer. I never ever leave home without my Cle’ de Peau.
  3. Vehicle secrets. We live-in Los Angeles, it is types of a given…
  4. Lipstick. I enjoy keep a pipe of purple lip stick within my purse. Never know when you could need to add some color towards pout during an impromptu getaway.
  5. Lip gloss. I like Dior Addict Ultra Gloss. It actually leaves my lips with a delicate, non-sticky shine therefore the shade is near to my all-natural shade, that we like.
  6. Lip balm. Is there something even worse than finding your self with chapped mouth and absolutely nothing to salvage the problem? I possess some type of lip conditioner with me always.
  7. Wallet. Another essential.
  8. Perfume. Chanel potential is a year-round specialty in my situation about perfumes. We keep a bottle with me since I have will re-apply when the span of my time modifications (such as for example post-work beverages or a shock supper day). For tips about selecting just the right perfume for your needs and which makes it last, click.
  9. Sunglasses. Greater the greater.
  10. Pen. Personally I think like it’s more hygienic to utilize your own pen, plus i prefer exactly how this writes. I’m maybe not a germaphobe, I just believe it's advisable…
  11. Hair goodies. I keep a number of bobby pins tied with a hair link. We cannot even start let you know what amount of times this small bundle has actually conserved me personally from serious tresses hang-ups.
  12. SPF. You guys know how we strongly personally i think towards need for putting on sunscreen. It’s the answer to smooth epidermis and a (somewhat) wrinkle-free future.
  13. Compact mirror. Another must.
  14. Gum. I prefer to keep a pack in my own bag.

I suppose the items of my bag would unveil that I Will Be a beauty loving health nut 🙂 Literally.

Just what do the treats as part of your bag state about you?

XO Lauren

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