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History of Coach Handbags

shopping-widget-jeans.jpgThe archives are observed regarding the cellar floor of Coach United States H.Q. (Fun fact: the current headquarters are on 34th road, in identical place as the residence's initial factory lofts.) But dusty, it is not: the archives tend to be meticulously preserved; to check out anything inside bright, airy room you have got to pop in one or more of the Michael Jackson gloves, to prevent the essential oils and soil from your own hands mussing up the old leathers. (See what I mean? No touching!)

In the heart of the space, there are huge level data full of small leathergood pieces...

Coach Leather Zip Envelope, circa 1950's-1960's

*Women's bags in Archive Cases, 1960's (left part) and 1970's (right-side)*The cases carry on for foot and feet-I exposed them and clicked a number of my favorite pieces, just for you lovely females. (And okay, in my situation also.)

Guys's Coach Leather Zip Envelope, circa 1950's-1960's

Liquid Buffalo Booklet (explaining exactly how leather is tanned) 1980's

“;Chunky" Mentor Satchel, 1966

Clothier Bonnie Cashin came onboard in 1962, staying at the house until 1974, where she developed a number of Coach's key signatures. The simple turn-key fobs, piped seams and pop-y colors? All classic Cashin.

Commemoration hangtag, 1968 [the 12 months Bonnie Cashin for Coach awarded United states Handbag Designer of the Year by Leather Industries of The united states]

Assorted Federal Bags, 1972

Great Seal Checkbook Holder, 1972

*A very stately checkbook. (Wouldn't this allow you to be take your funds extra seriously?)

Madison Satchels, 1986

Assorted Vintage Handbags, 1992

Winnie Top Handle Bags, 1997

Here is in which things have more playful, with the recent collaborations and limited versions:

Minimal Edition Re-issues of Mini Safari Tote for Bleecker Street Store starting, 2008

Poppy Chan Violette Cosmetic Case, 2010

Poppy Sequins Backpack, 2011

Hugo Guinness x Coach Small Leather Merchandise, 2012

And thus concludes our mini tour associated with the Coach archives. Pretty nice, right? I favor taking a look at the original pieces—you can easily see quite rapidly in which all design references inside brand new Legacy line originate from, now that you're a classic Coach expert and all:

Even More Coach...

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