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History of Louis Vuitton Handbags

The first extensive taxonomy of Louis Vuitton's City Bags, a selection of women's handbags that day back into turn of 20th century. Featuring the trademarks of the House, City Bags represent probably the most successful distinct add-ons when you look at the history of contemporary style - and were instrumental in making Louis Vuitton synonymous with modern-day luxury.

These soft-sided bags expanded out from the various pieces of lightweight luggage which were on their own packed in the trunks and closets that had sometime ago represented the heritage for the business.

A classic All-natural background guide, this work is presented in a fabric clamshell with marble report and some eleven illustrated plates. This restricted version is available for sale exclusively for Louis Vuitton shops and on louisvuitton.com.

Family portrait: Through the trunk towards city bag

Photograph © Patrick Gries, 2013

Inside a Keepall, 1960S

Photo © Patrick Gries, 2013

Fast, biodiversity Steamer Bag

Photo © Nick Veasey, 2013

Spring-Summer 2012 advertising campaign

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