Wallet purse man/woman

Purse Man

Neverean Jackson is desired by police in connection to a beating and burglary of a female on Summer 1, 2016. (Provided Photo/IMPD)INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Karia Carver stood in a clear parking area demanding justice.

In Summer, Carver suffered a vicious attack for her purse. Relating to Indianapolis Metropolitan Police division, it started at a Marathon fuel station on 8000 block of East 42nd Street near Franklin Road.

Investigators stated 23-year-old Neverean Jackson approached Carver just like she was planning to pump gasoline. He asked Carver if he could pump the woman gasoline for just two dollars.

When Carver decided to spend, Jackson switched the dining table and snatched Carver’s purse. On his way to escape he punched Carver and pressed the girl towards the ground after which he left.

The assault ended up being caught on camera. On Tuesday, IMPD launched costs against Jackson. As soon as found he is dealing with a felony fee.

Before costs were established against Jackson, Carver received threats informing this lady never to pursue costs; however, on Wednesday she informed 24-Hour News 8, that she'll not drop fees.

“He needs to have that regarding him, robbery taking and killing robbing is nothing, but karma, that comes back again to hit you, ” said Carver.

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