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1. The 2.55 is the first Chanel Shoulder Bag

Coco Chanel created the woman very first bag in 1929, but like all others open to upper-class women during the age, it was hand-carried and cumbersome. In February 1955 (thus the 2.55 moniker), she debuted the shoulder-carried version and altered handbag history. For the first time, it had been acceptable for women of considerable social condition to transport a bag on their shoulders.

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2. The Signature Double CC Lock Didn't Debut Before 80s

It is challenging imagine a bag marketplace by which most Chanel flap bags aren't festooned with interlocking CC locks, but until Lagerfeld included them to the bags and spun off the Vintage Flap within the 1980s, Chanel's flap bags bore the logo-free Mademoiselle Lock the 2.55 Flap Bags hold today. The Mademoiselle Lock gets its title through the fact that Coco Chanel never married.

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3. The Leather-Woven Strap Arrived Later On, Also

Chanel's very first bags had all-chain straps, nevertheless tale goes that Coco subbed in leather-filled straps whenever sources had been scarce; across Chanel Flap Bags' records, several different forms of stores came and gone. Timeless Flaps only use leather-woven string straps, however, and contemporary 2.55s just usage all-chain straps.

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4. The 2.55's Interior Had Been Motivated by Orphans

More particularly, the color of burgundy leather which has had for ages been regularly line the first flap bags (and some Classic Flaps) was selected due to the uniforms worn by Coco and her other costs on convent orphanage where she was raised.

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5. Chanel Flap Bags Owe A Few Debts of Motivation to Guys

Chanel's trademark quilting was purportedly encouraged because of the coats donned by male stablehands that Coco ended up being especially keen on. Additionally, Chanel's most recent flap case range, the Boy Bag, was named after and impressed by Coco's longtime lover, polo player Boy Capel.

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6. 2.55, Classic Flap and Reissue All make reference to a little Different Things

Chanel's Flap Bags have one of the much more confusing taxonomies in handbag history. First off, the Vintage Flap is the Flap Bags with CC hair that proceed with the design conventions Karl Lagerfeld debuted inside 1980s. The 2.55 refers specifically to Coco Chanel's initial design utilizing the Mademoiselle Lock, but is often utilized as a catch-all term to mention to any or all Chanel Flap Bags which use the brand name's conventional frameworks. A Reissue is a 2005 type of the 2.55 that Karl Lagerfeld reintroduced as an exact relaxing of the original. Officially, Reissues are just those bags from 2005, nevertheless the term can be used as a good way to mention to all recently made 2.55s.

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7. The difference Between a dual Flap and a Single Flap is essential

The double flap/single flap distinction is one thing about these bags that evaded my understanding for a long period, but we dug involved with it and parsed it. Traditionally, 2.55s and Classic Flaps tend to be both Double Flaps, which means obtained both external flap closing and an interior flap area. The 2.55s will always be in this way, but oftentimes, Timeless Flaps were made in a few sizes that have only the external flap with an open interior. Whenever that's the situation, they're known as solitary Flaps. In so far as I can tell, Single Flaps had been stopped a few years ago, and all 2.55s and Classic Flaps are now two fold Flaps. Solitary Flaps remain widely accessible regarding resale marketplace, though.

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8. A 2.55 Flap Bag just Cost $220 in 1955

In 2014, Racked took a deep plunge into exactly how much Chanel bag costs have skyrocketed over time. Simple leather-based versions is now able to retail for as much as $6, 000; that enhance surpasses the rate of rising prices just a bit.

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9. The Concealed Zipper Compartment Features a Special Right Back Story

Under the top flap, Chanel bags have a strange small zipper area which you don't get in bags with similar structures from other brands; once the tale goes, Coco hid it there to own a key place to stash her love letters. She was having a rather torrid affair at that time.

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10. Chanel's Flap Bags tend to be a Pretty Decent Financial Investment

Because Chanel constrains its offer, frequently increases rates and contains a lengthy record as an extravagance favorite, Chanel bags are a favorite from the selling marketplace. Hard-to-find regular versions in like-new problem regularly offer for above their retail prices, plus carefully used bags in regular leathers often hold their original value very well. There's fairly little threat in splurging on a flap case. Delighted shopping.

Chanel-Reissue-255-Flap-Bag-Interior Chanel-Boy-Bag Chanel-Classic-Flap-Bag-Big Chanel-Patchwork-Flap-Bag

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