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Sooo - the top real question is - Just who MADE IT? It's not Glen, Hutcheon, or any other Edinburgh manufacturers - except perhaps MacDougall, who'd their shop truth be told there from about 1860 until 1871. For more in the tale, click on the image below:

We will be down at The Boat from the 17th and 18th of the month, desire to see some people there. I'll have this pipe with me for those who need drool, only keep it off the timber, thanks a lot. When I've never ever gone to the Queen Mary Games it will likely be interesting to see what the setup is a lot like and how Scott MacDonald works it with the hotel. Looks is good site, even as we have not already been here prior to. Won't have actually a booth, but most of you will recognise me.

It is seriously throughout for Ola Gorie; We got an additional notice from them only days ago saying that they had out of stock almost all their remaining stock for selling, and that they are only going to retail their particular range from their particular store in Kirkwall. Also bad, their particular material ended up being simply magnificent. We continue to have some in stock, so call or email about what's however readily available - but once it's gone, it's GONE, and there is no much more available. We're looking at the line from SHETLAND JEWELLERY and we also'll tell you whenever we find some in, ideally for the Woodland Games.


SPORRANS is it thirty days's gown subject, and there's a great deal to state about them. Way too many times do we see sporrans that are simply WRONG - huge, bulging rucksacks full of cel phones, large wallets, moves of hemp, whatnot, just way too much JUNK!

DAY WEAR: there's lots of freedom right here. Leather, fur, brass/leather, brass/fur, silver/leather, silver/fur, artificial fur for many who want it, even dreadful NAUGAHIDE (wow, did you know exactly how many naugas gave their particular life for the sporran?). You'll use anything with daywear - except an excellent Hairy. Simply do not. It appears to be ridiculous. Hair sporrans tend to be for armed forces dress just, ceremonial or full-dress. Yes, you can put on a night sporran with time dress, simply succeed a far more formal type of time dress, maybe not a t-shirt and flipflops.

EVENING WEAR: fur is the term, and fur could be the style. Sealskin, today challenging get, may be the standard product for evening sporrans, although pet mask sporrans tend to be completely correct. Some individuals don't like to see beady glass eyes staring at them from that amount, but that is only also bad, isn't it? I prefer animal mask sporrans, particularly the wildcat (got one) and badger (sold it) designs. Heavy ornamentation - go for it. The Highlander of old prided himself on their appearance, and always wore the most effective he could manage for formal events. We could get any variety of sporran which is made - badger, fox, lynx, bear, even genuine seal every now and then - it really is Greenland seal, culled from places where there was heavy overpopulation since significant sealing businesses were released of company fifteen years ago. If you will not wear genuine fur there is certainly a synthetic substitute available called 'artificial seal.'

REGARDING HAIR SPORRANS: yes they do have their particular destination, and that can actually worn in full dress evening put on with white link, The hair sporrans worn by gents and officers when you look at the auld days of the Raj were produced from goat locks, perhaps not horse tresses. Horse tresses had been the various other Ranks sporrans, goat for officers in the highland regiments. Goat tresses is much finer, shorter, and easier on itchy knees. We have a classic Gordon officer's sporran that I'd put on - easily were a Gordon, and in case it weren't worth a brick. I asked a sporran manufacturer about goat hair as soon as and he simply viewed me.

For some sporran a few ideas, here is our INDUSTRIAL SPORRAN LINE - if you aren't light of heart or wallet, here are some samples of our CUSTOM SPORRANS.

Sporran stores - all the existing commercial stores are crap, but there are some interesting brand new celtic interlace and St. Andrew's cross designs nowadays, expensive thoough - exactly what is, any longer? If you do not want to strike the next bonus on a silver sporran chain just like the people we make, you're virtually out of chance for alternatives of various chain styles. Some people have a few curb string puppy collars and cobble all of them together - you can also always use a leather sporran strap with a daywear or armed forces sporran.

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