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guy Leather Bag male style weblog way of life dusseldorf düsseldorf männermode“It’s maybe not a person bag. It’s called a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one!”

-Alan, The Hangover

Today, there are particular add-ons that each and every guy should have: an elegant watch for some out-of-this-world #wristporn, some sleek footwear and – definitely – a trendy men’s fabric bag. However, the person bag aka “murs” is apparently a polarizing product for dudes to transport around. But i really believe that people days of stuffing one’s pockets with many things should participate in the past. Let’s all become like Indiana Jones and claim our urban forest of style.

guys's Leather Bag male fashion web log lifestyle dusseldorf düsseldorf männermodeIf you're to satisfy me on the street, you’d most likely always see me with a bag. The easy explanation being that I definitely hate filling my wallet and keys into my pouches. Not only do I feel it appears to be ridiculous and it is unflattering; i'm additionally afraid to drop things if these pockets are way too loose and large.

The things I have actuallyn’t realized up to now: i'm evidently vulnerable to black leather-based bags. Clearly, this needed to alter then when my moms and dads asked me whatever they might get me for my birthday celebration. I happily responded: “a tan or brown men’s leather-based bag”.

You probably can tell that i'ven’t been disappointed. I obtained this great case from JOST and also have held it's place in love with-it ever since.

JOST is a premium brand name that designs high-quality fabric bags. As I have actually purchased a couple of low-quality bags within my life prior to, I know the reason why investing a couple of additional dollars for a bag may be worth it. The bag features a practical, elegant – very nearly immortal – design, great haptics and craftmanship with regards to hardware. In addition love its orange mesh pockets and trolley function.

guy Leather Bag male fashion web log way of life dusseldorf düsseldorf männermode Man Leather Bag male manner blog lifestyle dusseldorf düsseldorf männermode IMG_1939 Cape

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