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Founder and designer Alex McAfee is a person of many lives—and more tales. For decade, McAfee lived away from his vehicle, traveling across the US to climb hills and just about every other obstacles that have been inside the course. He would continue to call home in a ski town in French Alps, and in the end settle in Los Angeles (where his bags are manufactured). But it is that ten years traveling that supplied determination for their assortment of leather-based goods. As he informs CH, "in the past, I happened to be residing in the rear of my vehicle in places like Salt Lake City. I lived-in coffee shops by-day. That is where I would personally remain warm and work. Later on, when I relocated to Boulder for school, I would personally remain at coffee shops till 11PM to hang on." This itinerant way of life took its toll, but would notify their future.

When McAfee moved to LA, he launched a yoga tech start-up. "I happened to be operating this business from a coffee go shopping for about three many years, but i desired to begin making anything real that i really could utilize. I wanted to help make a bag that might be my office—to hold some thing with me that has been actually light and extremely practical, with a lot of design." Calling upon his arts history, he began to draw case styles and, with buddies, he headed to downtown Los Angeles to learn just how to produce bags. "we knew i possibly could begin down this path and go downtown and figure it out, " he goes on. All the aesthetic originated in pictures he'd seen of early 20th century explorers (the gentleman explorers, as they had been described) and another in particular—Himalayan mountaineer Eric Shipton—proved to be pure motivation.

McAfee realized that there is a gap between outdoorsy travel bags additionally the deluxe bag sector. As a lover associated with the backwoods, he started building leather bags that work every-where from wilderness camping to business conferences. Each case is created to simply take a beating, and also to look good along the way—plus, some compartments inside their three main offerings make company simple. More, all buckles and fabric are sourced from downtown LA and the zippers and bags by themselves are manufactured indeed there, as well. Whenever hands-on with all the bags, we discovered their particular beauty and quality is evident, but it is the backstory of inception and adventure that produces them truly special this kind of a crowded item group.

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