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Clutches and more

Dual-clutch transmissions, such as the one shown above, are fairly prominent in the industry today, offering quicker change times than a conventional automated and less parasitic losses. Today Honda only patented a triple-clutch, 11 speed transmission that claims better yet overall performance. Is it possible to even manage those clutches and gears?

Honda filed this patent toward Japan Patent workplace in late might. The patent application, which you yourself can read here, happens to be converted from Japanese, so I’m having difficulty finding out exactly how the one thing works.

Nonetheless, according to these excerpts, this indicates the triple-clutch trans will offer both effectiveness and transient-response benefits compared to a more old-fashioned dual-clutch setup.

This 1 indicates there will likely be no “torque omission” aided by the brand new recommended transmission weighed against a dual-clutch. Apparently “torque omission” describes a drop in torque on tires during a gear change (emphasis mine):

The above-mentioned conventional gearbox that will be a kind of the gearbox of a twin clutch type is keeping and switching two rubbing clutches, where PURISHIFUTO [ the next gear proportion ] preliminarily, whenever switching gears sequentially, and gear change without a torque omission is attained.

This passageway mentions the possible lack of “torque removal, ” along with a noticable difference as a result time:

since the number of rubbing engaging products C1 to C3 happens to be increased from 2 to 3 in respect into the normal dual clutch kind rate change gear, a likelihood that friction engagement product become engaged currently rate change stage and a rubbing engagement product becoming involved at a target speed change stage are coincided together is decreased and a likelihood that no torque elimination does occur and a clutch-to-clutch speed change can be executed is risen up to allow a multistep development during step speed change to become more effortlessly restricted and a speed modification reaction to be increased.

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