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Hundreds of men's thongs in the sexiest cuts, freshest colors, and most comfortable fabrics – you'll find them all right here at Mensuas. Our large collection (nearly 400 and growing) of men's thongs includes virtually every style on the market today, from the best brands in men's underwear, like Joe Snyder, Pikante, PPU, Unico, Timoteo, Miami Jock, Male Power, Good Devil, Agacio, Gregg Homme and many others. We're constantly refreshing our assortment of men's thongs and adding the newest styles from the biggest players in the game today. Today's thongs for men are sleeker, sexier and more comfortable than ever.Chocolate Day - Mensuas Innovative blends of fabrics result in great-fitting garments that skimp on coverage without sacrificing support or comfort. Many of the men's thongs you'll find at Mensuas are so lightweight, so soft and so comfortable, you'll forget you're wearing any underwear at all! And that's exactly what a great thong should be.

If you just check out the video you’ll know what the entire thing is all about. I just recently browsed through YouTube and came across this video which talks about the brand Daniel Alexander on a whole, plus two of its recommend... [Read More]

Does your girlfriend love chocolates? If yes, you are lucky. You can plan something outstanding this Chocolate day and make it memorable for both of you. The Chocolate Day is celebrated on February 9, just before the Valentine... [Read More]

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