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What to Put in a Purse?

physiology of an all natural Moms PurseA audience recently emailed and requested:

“Katie, I have loved your blog for months today! In a lot of your articles, you mention which you always keep something-or-other in your purse. Your bag is starting to tell me personally of Mary Poppins… And I would like to see a post: “what is within Katie’s purse?”

Many Thanks 🙂

Which provided me with an excellent reason to undergo my bag (*ahem* clean it out) while making a summary of everything within. When I ended up being carrying this out, we discovered so it in fact is starting to look like Mary Poppins’ popular case and I also probably have actually every little thing but a lamp within…

From the good, it weighs in at such that I have exercising from carrying it! 🙂

My bag doubles (er.. triples) as a nappy bag and on-the-go success system therefore it has actually a very arbitrary assortment of items at any moment. I’ve included the basic principles in this listing, though you can find frequently other items too. I became aiming for a post that appeared to be some of those “What’s in her own case?” pages in a magazine, but I’m not really a throw-a-lipgloss-in-a-clutch-purse particular girl… in the event that you didn’t already think I was somewhat odd using whole making my very own deodorant and tooth paste thing, you could today…

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The Purse:

1. My bag, a, is definitely the highest priced accessory I’ve ever before bought. I saved because of it for many years but contemplate it a good investment since it includes a 100 year (yep… you study that right) guarantee that may be used in your heirs. Its actually the final bag I’ll ever before have to get and I blogged it into my will…

It is very well made, will come in three colors, features a detachable liner which makes it easy to clean, and a convenient inside pouch that is perfect should anyone ever should conceal anything 😉 It can be held cross-body or over the neck and it has an inside pouch that's ideal for wallet/checkbook and a steel hook that I attach my secrets to so I don’t drop all of them the kids can’t take all of them.

I also love that this bag holds its form, doesn’t fall over and contains enough space to really arrange things within smaller bags in. The reason why would someone need bags inside bags? Study on….

The Basic Principles

2. Two things I always keep beside me tend to be my phone (in since I have actually kids) and a which I use everyday to make lists (because I’m averagely OCD and feel much more productive once I do) and for outlining arbitrary blog posts while they visited myself.

The Bottles

3. Very long hours as a doula will be the explanation I carry these things. I usually keep magnesium oil, , and herbal hand sanitizer and herbal air squirt from Tropical practices. I’m not merely one to use hand sanitizer everyday nonetheless it does be useful whenever children choose feed ducks in the park or we must use a port-a-potty. (Note to self: should most likely start holding TP too…)

The Survival Gear

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