Saltire dress sporran NEW

Saltire Sporran

conventional hand-made sporrans for Scottish highland gownChoose your Sporran
to match the celebration...

There are so many wonderful sporrans to pick from
(all hand-made in Scotland) that in the beginning it could appear quite bewildering.
Really they could be split into these three teams:

Semi-Dress/Day Wear, Dress/Evening Wear and Military

To help you determine, the pictures right here reveal the range available.
For a closer look, simply click on range you like and a fresh web page will ready to accept suggest to them in more detail.

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Semi-Dress/Day Sporrans - Rates


Our Semi-Dress and Day Sporrans tend to be craftsman-made in Scotland from black or brown leather-based with sealskin or artificial fur facing. Our sporrans come that includes a sporran sequence. 1 to 4 £75.00 5 to 9 £69.00

Dress/Evening Sporrans - Costs

Our Dress/Evening Sporrans with metal cantles separately created available in bright or traditional finish. Sealskin front or artificial fur offered. Our sporrans come filled with a sporran sequence. 10 to 18 £139.00 19 to 45 £149.00


Substitution Sporran Chain £8.00 £45.00

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